Governor Rell: Gov. Rell Announces More Help for Flood-Struck Communities, Food Stamp Recipients

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M. Jodi Rell

April 6, 2010

Governor Rell Announces More Help for Flood-Struck Communities: $1.2M for Emergency Road Repairs, Replacement Aid for Food Stamp Recipients



            Governor M. Jodi Rell today announced that Connecticut families who receive Food Stamps are eligible for replacement benefits if their food has spoiled due to flooding or other disaster-related damage to their homes.


            Governor Rell also announced today that municipalities that had roads or bridges damaged by the storm may be able to get financial assistance from a special state account set aside for such emergencies.


            “The state will do all it can to help families put their lives back together after these floods left many without electricity and caused severe damage to homes,” Governor Rell said. “Recipients can call the state’s Infoline toll-free at 2-1-1 to as for replacement benefits. They will get a form to fill out and send to the state Department of Social Services, the agency that administers the food assistance program. The deadline for applying for this extra help is 10 days from the date the food was lost due.


            Help in buying eligible food items is made available through recipients’ ATM-style electronic benefits cards for use at supermarkets, grocery stores, farmers’ markets and other approved sites.


            Food Stamps, officially known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP, are fully funded by the federal government. More than 164,000 Connecticut households receive Food Stamp/SNAP benefits from DSS.


            Meanwhile, Governor Rell is advising cities and towns where the flood damaged critical roads and bridges to contact the Office of Policy and Management – the Governor’s budget agency – to inquire about funding from the Department of Transportation’s Town Aid-Emergency Relief Fund.


            “This fund, created in the late 1970s, was set up to hold any left over money from the appropriations for annual state aid to communities for roads, bridges and dams,” Governor Rell said. “There is currently about $1.2 million in the account. Under the rules of the fund, a mayor or first selectman can apply to the Governor for aid to help defray the costs of repairs after a natural disaster – especially if the repairs are needed to help ensure public safety.


            “While we continue to seek federal reimbursement for a wide range of damage and expenses, this fund can help communities that need to make urgent repairs get moving immediately,” the Governor said. “My Administration is looking for every possible source of assistance to help residents, employers and our cities and towns get back on their feet after these devastating floods.”


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