Governor Rell: Governor's Press Releases 2010

Governor's Press Releases 2010

August 2010
8/30/2010Gov. Rell: Return Flags to Full Staff Today
8/25/2010Governor Rell: Consumer Protection Probing Rite Aid Price Increases for Discount Program
  Governor Rell has directed the Department of Consumer Protection to subpoena records from Rite Aid after the company began charging customers higher prices for prescription drugs and reduced some benefits in its Rx Savings discount program after a new state law, designed to provide cost-savings, took effect this summer.
8/24/2010Gov. Rell Orders Flags Lowered to Half Staff to Honor Glastonbury Soldier
  Governor Rell today ordered state and U.S. flags to be lowered to half staff to honor of Army Sergeant Steven J. Deluzio, of Glastonbury, who died in Afghanistan on August 22.
8/23/2010Governor Rell: Low Interest Rate College Loans Available
  Applications are available on-line at .
8/23/2010Governor Rell: Truck Safety Inspections Result in Potential Fines of Over $640,000
8/20/2010State Requests Presidential Disaster Declaration for Bridgeport Tornado
8/20/2010Gov. Rell Calls on Rite Aid to Restore Customer Pharmacy Savings
  Governor Rell has called for a review into an increase of prescription drug prices at Rite Aid pharmacies after the drugstore chain made key changes to its customer Rx Savings discount program by erroneously claiming that the higher prices and reduced benefits were required by a new state law.
8/20/2010Governor Rell: Shortfall in Federal Funds Means $63.4 Million Deficit Projection
  Governor M. Jodi Rell today announced that due to a shortfall in federal funding and higher than expected demand for state social services, her budget office is projecting a deficit for the current fiscal year of $63.4 million. The deficit comes despite an improvement in projected state income tax and sales tax collections.
8/18/2010Gov. Rell Issues Drought Advisory; Urges Residents and Businesses to Conserve Water
  "I am asking all Connecticut residents to use common sense and to avoid unnecessary water usage such as watering lawns, washing cars at home or running ornamental fountains. While current water supplies are adequate across much of the state, I urge all residents and businesses to please cooperate with your local water utilities and follow their recommendations."
8/17/2010Gov. Rell: Electric Vehicle Charging Station To Be Installed at State Capitol Complex
  “This is proof positive that we are committed to enhancing our infrastructure and public policy to accommodate electric vehicles,” Governor Rell said.
8/17/2010Gov. Rell: First Two Weeks of Truck Safety Crackdown Results in More Than 1200 Violations
  “The message we are sending with this crackdown is clear: Connecticut does not tolerate truck drivers who speed, makes unsafe lane changes or tailgate,” the Governor said.
8/13/2010Governor Rell: Voluntary Unpaid Time Off Continues to Save Taxpayers Millions
  Governor M. Jodi Rell today announced that her proposal to allow state employees to take unpaid time off to help cut payroll expenses continues to save money for taxpayers – almost $4.5 million last fiscal year, final tallies show.
8/13/2010Gov. Rell: Massachusetts, Vermont Governors Write in Support of NHHS High-Speed Rail Line
8/12/2010Gov. Rell: Sales Tax Free Week Runs August 15-21
  Because sales tax is applied after the use of any coupons or discounts, if the final price is less than $300, the sale is exempt. Layaways and rentals of clothing or footwear under $300 are also tax-free during the week. For purchases of $300 or more, sales tax is calculated on the full cost of the item.
8/10/2010Gov. Rell Reschedules Bond Commission Meeting
  Governor M. Jodi Rell today announced she is rescheduling the state Bond Commission meeting originally set for 10:30 a.m. tomorrow, August 11, to 9 a.m. on Tuesday, August 17.
8/9/2010Governor Rell: CVS Caremark to Continue Discount Program
  “This is a victory for Connecticut – a victory for consumers, who count on discount programs like the Health Savings Pass, and a victory for taxpayers, who will benefit from the savings our state will achieve under the new law.”
8/9/2010Gov. Rell Directs DPW to Speed Update of State’s Workplace Violence Prevention Manual
  The latest version of the manual will include updated information on how agencies can refine their individual plans for responding to active threats and guidance on the resources available from the state Department of Public Safety.
8/8/2010Gov. Rell: Over 8,700 Pounds of Food Collected During July 31 ‘Day of Caring & Compassion’
  For more information on how to help and donate, visit or
8/6/2010Gov. Rell: Connecticut Applies for $220 Million Federal Grant for NHHS High-Speed Rail Line
8/6/2010Gov. Rell Calls for ‘Day of Remembrance’ This Monday, Aug. 9 for Victims of Manchester Shooting
  Governor Rell is calling for a day of remembrance on Monday to honor those who died in the shootings last week at Hartford Distributors in Manchester. Governor Rell asked that a moment of silence be observed at 9:15 a.m.
8/4/2010Gov. Rell Ready To Call for Special Session To Remedy Campaign Finance Law; Submits Own Bill
  “It is therefore my intention, because I believe so strongly in this program and in safeguarding the progress that we have made in removing the taint of corruption from our electoral process, to call the legislature into special session if you do not either override my veto or take other action to address the concerns of the court.”
8/3/2010Statement from Gov. M. Jodi Rell Regarding Manchester Shooting
  “I have offered the resources of the state to assist the victims and their families wherever possible as well as the law enforcement, fire fighters and emergency medical personnel who responded to this horrific tragedy. Our prayers continue to be with the families of those taken from us today.”
8/2/2010Gov. Rell Orders State Police, DMV Crack-Down on Trucks in Response to Recent Crashes
  This will be a total effort by State Police using all of 500 troopers assigned to the troops as well as the 24 members of the traffic squad and the DMV truck squad.
8/2/2010Gov. Rell: State Accepting Applications for New Health Plan
  Details on Connecticut Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan Available at
8/2/2010Gov. Rell: New Teen Driving Laws Prompting Greater Safety Awareness
  “This report shows that stronger laws along with education are helping to reduce these tragic accidents that ripple through families and communities,” Governor Rell said.

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