Governor Rell: Governor's Press Releases 2010

Governor's Press Releases 2010

April 2010
4/30/2010Governor Rell Presents 2010 Governor's Awards for Excellence in Culture & Tourism
4/30/2010Gov. Rell Tells HHS State Interested in High-Risk Insurance Pool Program
  Gov. Rell announced that the state has informed U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius that Connecticut is interested in submitting an application to participate in the creation of a high-risk insurance pool to help cover the expenses of people whose pre-existing medical conditions make it difficult – or impossible – for them to otherwise find insurance coverage.
4/30/2010Gov. Rell: Official U.S. Census Workers Will Visit Homes Beginning May 1
  Census Questions Can Also Be Answered Over the Phone: 1-866-872-6868
4/30/2010Gov. Rell: White Oak Planting At Residence Commemorates State’s 375th Anniversary
  Gov. Rell was joined by state Department of Environmental Commissioner Amey Marrella, State Forester Christopher Martin and other environmental advocates at the Governor’s Residence in Hartford to plant a white oak in honor of both Arbor Day and the state’s 375th Anniversary.
4/29/2010Gov. Rell Urges Residents, Businesses to Report Storm Damages to 2-1-1
  “Part of our appeal to President Obama and FEMA must include damage data in addition to what has already been collected. So from now through May 14th, we need residents to call 2-1-1 and report their damages,” the Governor said. “Please do so even if you have reported your damages before. The information you provide can help us change the federal government’s decision.”
4/29/2010Gov. Rell: State Working to Make Major Expansion of Parking for Stamford Rail Commuters
  “One of our top goals is to boost the number of overall parking spots available to Stamford commuters by as many as 1,000 spaces.”
4/29/2010Gov. Rell Announces Agreement to Speed Completion of Third Fairfield Train Station
  “We are taking a once-blighted ‘brownfield’ and turning it into positive, transit-oriented development – along with open space for a park and improved protections for wetlands,” the Governor said. “And, of course, the project itself keeps and creates construction jobs, which are always welcome. I want to commend everyone involved for making this happen.”
4/28/2010Gov. Rell: Flags to Half Staff on April 29 from Dawn to Dusk
  Governor Rell has ordered U.S. and State of Connecticut flags lowered to half-staff from dawn to dusk on Thursday, April 29 at all public buildings in Connecticut in honor of the late civil rights leader Dorothy Height.
4/28/2010Gov. Rell: 375th Anniversary Focus Of 2010 Summer Reading Challenge
  In honor of the state’s 375th Anniversary this year, the Governor said the 2010 challenge encourages students to read at least one book by a Connecticut author or a book set in Connecticut.
4/27/2010Gov. Rell: State Appealing Denied Request for Individual Storm Aid
  President Obama on Friday approved Governor Rell’s request for a “major disaster declaration” in response to severe storms that struck on March 12-14 and March 29-31. The declaration allowed financial assistance to the state and municipal governments in three counties: Fairfield, Middlesex and New London. However, the President today a denied broader request for federal aid to affected individuals in those three declared counties as well as New Haven and Windham counties, despite surveys that identified a total of 1,315 homes in the five counties with damages totaling $5,262,100 in estimated housing assistance needs and Other Needs Assistance.
4/26/2010Gov. Rell Welcomes Secretary LaHood as Regional Officials Outline High-Speed Rail Vision
  “This is clearly a project of regional significance,” said Connecticut DOT Commissioner Marie. “It is vitally important that we demonstrate to Secretary LaHood the regional partnership that we have put together and how well it fits with the President’s goal of building and improving high-speed rail service across the country.”
4/26/2010Gov. Rell: 375th Anniversary a Centerpiece for Connecticut Magazine
  The historic homes exhibit runs through May 28 at the CCT Gallery, One Constitution Plaza, 2nd Floor, Hartford. Hours are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more information on the exhibit, go to
4/26/2010Gov. Rell: State Gets Disaster Declaration,Initial Federal Aid for March Storms Now Available
  Gov. Rell announced that President Obama has approved her request for a “major disaster declaration” in response to the severe storms in March. The declaration will speed financial assistance to the state and hard-pressed municipal governments in three counties: Fairfield, Middlesex and New London.
4/22/2010Gov. Rell: Permitting Task Force Report In, Legislation Upcoming to Slash Delays, Red Tape
  "We cannot afford to have projects stall or workers sit idle while business managers and state bureaucrats tango through a tangle of bureaucratic red tape."
4/22/2010Gov. Rell: State Showcasing Historic House Museums for 375th Anniversary
  The historic homes exhibit will run through May 28 at the CCT Gallery, One Constitution Plaza, 2nd Floor, Hartford. Hours are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more information on the exhibit:
4/20/2010Gov. Rell: Wide Range of Activities at Capitol to Mark 40th Anniversary of Earth Day
  Details of the activities are available at .
4/19/2010Gov. Rell Orders Flags Returned to Full-Staff at Dusk Today
4/17/2010Gov. Rell: Stimulus $$$ to Upgrade, Enhance Criminal Justice IT System
4/16/2010Gov. Rell Establishes State Cabinet To Integrate Health Care Reform With State Programs
  “The national law is such a massive and unprecedented piece of legislation that, in some cases, it will take years until uninsured individuals begin to see the affects. We can be proud that Connecticut is a national leader in providing affordable and accessible care and this Cabinet will ensure that state-run programs complement national reform.”
4/15/2010Gov. Rell: State To Receive $25.7 Million In Stimulus Funds for Education
  "The $25.7 million coming to Connecticut will help our lowest performing schools to restructure to improve services and support greater academic success. These dollars should go a long way toward closing the gap," said Gov. Rell.
4/15/2010Gov. Rell Urging Residents To Mail Back Census Forms This Week
  Governor Rell is reminding all Connecticut residents that they have just two days remaining to mail back their 2010 U.S. Census forms and ultimately save taxpayers millions of dollars. The Governor said the Census Bureau will begin sending workers door-to-door to those households that have not responded by the end of this week.
4/12/2010Gov. Rell Expands Disaster Aid Request to Include Individual Assistance, Additional Counties
  Two types of federal financial help are available after a disaster: “Public Assistance” (PA), which is aid to state and local governments for damages and costs such as police and firefighter overtime incurred while dealing with a disaster, and “Individual Assistance” (IA), which is aid to individual homeowners to help cover uninsured losses. Governor Rell on Friday asked the President to declare a major disaster in two counties – Fairfield and New London – and begin the process of providing PA in those two counties. An initial survey found public sector losses in those two counties of at least $11 million. Over the weekend, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and state Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security (DEMHS) officials continued to tally losses from severe storms on March 12-14 and March 29-30, providing the Governor with additional information she used to update her request today. Governor Rell today asked President Obama to declare the residents of Fairfield, Middlesex, New Haven, New London and Windham counties eligible for IA, and to make U.S. Small Business Administration loans available to employers in those counties.
4/12/2010Governor Rell: Appliance Rebate Program Will Expand to Include Water Heaters
  Information and appliance rebate forms can be found at: and from the Connecticut electric utility companies. Rebate forms for water heaters will be available after April 15th on the website. Rebate forms will also be available in retail stores shortly thereafter. If a consumer needs a rebate form to be mailed to them, they may call 1-877-WISE-USE or 1-877- 947-3873.
4/12/2010Gov. Rell: Census Forms Available for P.O. Box Holders at Local Census Centers
  Local Help Available at Or call toll-free 1-866-872-6868
4/12/2010Gov. Rell Announces Another Expansion of Shore Line East Commuter Service
  "We have already added one new round trip to New London this year and this additional service will give many commuters the options they are looking for," Governor Rell said. "Shore Line East is a popular choice for commuters, college students and tourists who use the New London-to-New Haven corridor every day. My Administration remains committed to providing as many ‘mobility options’ as possible."
4/12/2010Gov. Rell Seeks Presidential Disaster Declaration, Federal Aid for March Storms
  Governor Rell noted that FEMA, DEMHS and the National Weather Service are treating the storms as a single, related weather event because the heavy rains of March 12-14 left the ground so saturated and the state’s rivers so high that the subsequent rains caused severe – even record-breaking – flooding.
4/9/2010Gov. Rell: Victory Parade Honoring the UConn Women’s Basketball Team Set for April 18 in Hartford
4/8/2010Gov. Rell Names Farmington Resident to State Board of Ed
  "Pam has tremendous energy and enthusiasm combined with a passion for public service. In addition to her leadership on countless boards and committees throughout the state, she has been a devoted volunteer and tireless advocate for public education in Connecticut."
4/8/2010Gov. Rell: CT Medicare Recipients Can Save $100 / Month
  For information about joining the Medicare Savings Programs, people can visit; or call 2-1-1 Infoline, or CHOICES at 1-800-994-9422 (both toll-free).
4/8/2010Gov. Rell: Art Contest for 9-11 Year Olds to Honor CT's 375th Anniversary
  Youngsters, ages 9-11, will be asked to submit artwork that best depicts a Connecticut landmark, location or other subjects that are classic Connecticut. Artwork can be drawn, colored or painted and must be submitted on an 8 ½ by 11 sheet of paper. Deadline for submissions is May 15. No sculptures, videos or photographs will be considered. For rules and application forms, contact:
4/6/2010Gov. Rell Announces More Help for Flood-Struck Communities, Food Stamp Recipients
  "The state will do all it can to help families put their lives back together after these floods left many without electricity and caused severe damage to homes," Governor Rell said. "Recipients can call the state’s Infoline toll-free at 2-1-1 to as for replacement benefits. They will get a form to fill out and send to the state Department of Social Services, the agency that administers the food assistance program. The deadline for applying for this extra help is 10 days from the date the food was lost due."
4/6/2010Gov. Rell: Banking Department to Work with AG on Madoff-Related Probe
  Commissioner Pitkin urged Connecticut consumers who may have been affected by the alleged violations to contact the Banking Department at (800) 831-7225.
4/5/2010Governor Rell Cuts Ribbon on New Camp Rell Facility, Breaks Ground for Yet Another
4/5/2010Gov. Rell: FEMA Teams Headed to Flood-Struck Areas Starting Tuesday
  “I am pleased with FEMA’s quick response to this storm,” the Governor said. “The fact that FEMA teams were already here, assessing damage from the equally powerful storms that hit the state on March 13-14, may be a thin silver lining to the one-two punch nature has delivered to Connecticut. My goal is to ensure that any financial assistance available to residents and businesses in the affected areas gets to them as rapidly as possible – not only to help them rebuild and recover but to do so swiftly in these difficult economic times.”
4/5/2010Gov. Rell: State Loans Available for Storm Damage, Appliance Losses
  The program will be available starting the week of April 5 and information can be found on the Governor’s Web site,, and at
4/5/2010Gov. Rell: Beware of Home Repair Scams in Wake of Storms
  More information about hiring a home improvement contractor is available at
4/5/2010Gov. Rell Urges Congress to Reauthorize Flood Insurance Retroactively
  “By letting the National Flood Insurance Program expire, Washington is letting down residents in Connecticut and in other states who were either in the process of buying a new policy or who have policies up for renewal,” the Governor wrote in a letter to Congressional leadership. “Therefore, I urge the 111th Congress to retroactively reauthorize the NFIP as its first order of business when you return from the Easter recess,” Governor Rell wrote in the letter, which was also coped to Connecticut’s Congressional delegation. “I know our delegation will work to get the retroactive reauthorization and I thank them in advance for their help.”
4/5/2010Gov. Rell Announces $$$ to Put GPS Monitors on Domestic Violence Offenders
  Under the program, the offender must wear an ankle bracelet at all times while the victim carries a similar device. The system will notify a victim and the police when a defendant has violated a set buffer zone or tampers with the device.
4/5/2010Gov. Rell: Flags to Half Staff to Honor Marine Lance Corporal Tyler Griffin

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