Governor Rell: Governor's Press Releases 2010

Governor's Press Releases 2010

March 2010
4/1/2010Gov. Rell: Public, Businesses Urged to Report Storm Damage to Local Officials
  Governor Rell advised property owners to first contact their insurance provider to determine whether the damage to their home or business is covered. Uninsured damage and costs should be reported to city or town emergency management or civil preparedness directors. Property owners should take pictures of damage inside and outside homes or businesses prior to clean-up and repair and should also keep a file with receipts and records of bulky waste pickups, tree removal, replacement items and repair costs (especially uninsured costs).
4/1/2010Governor Rell: National Guard, Resources in Place as Monitoring of Connecticut River Continues
  “In most places the water is receding – but we are keeping these National Guard teams in reserve – as well as a variety of other emergency teams – to respond to any problems that do arise,” Governor Rell said.
3/31/2010Gov. Rell: New Web Site Connects Connecticut with 375th Anniversary
  Governor Rell announced today that a new Web site celebrating Connecticut’s 375th Anniversary is now operational and loaded with news and events of the yearlong celebration. The Web site is .
3/30/2010Gov. Rell Activates National Guard, State Police for Flood Control in Eastern CT
  “The relentless rain has created extremely dangerous situations, especially in eastern Connecticut. The Yantic River is expected to reach record flood levels and we are closely monitoring that situation,” Governor Rell said. “National Guard troops and state police will help local officials with sandbagging and will be at the ready to assist with evacuations should they be necessary."
3/30/2010Gov. Rell Puts National Guard on Alert; Secures 300,000 Additional Sandbags
  Governor Rell today announced that she has placed the Connecticut National Guard on alert to assist with local flood control and sandbagging efforts if they are needed.
3/29/2010Gov. Rell Using Rescissions, Contract Authority to Trim Deficit by $156.8 Million
  “This is an effort to move the ball forward – but it is clear we have more to do, and an ever-shorter time in which to do it,” the Governor said. “Where there is already agreement, let us act now. Then let us work together to resolve the remaining problem as quickly and effectively as possible.”
3/26/2010Gov. Rell: Four Public Hearings Scheduled in Probe of Utility Response to March Storms
  Westport: April 12, Westport Town Hall, 110 Myrtle Avenue, 6:30 p.m. Fairfield: April 14, Fairfield Town Hall, 725 Old Post Road, 6:30 p.m. Greenwich: April 15, Greenwich Town Hall, 101 Field Point Road, 6:30 p.m.
3/26/2010Gov. Rell Wants Review of Health Care Bill’s Effects on Connecticut Businesses and Jobs
  The Governor asked DECD Commissioner Joan McDonald to report back to her by April 15 with her analysis of the reform bill’s financial effects on Connecticut companies.
3/25/2010Gov. Rell: FEMA, State Damage Assessment Teams to Examine Storm Effects Monday
  “I am pleased that FEMA is responding quickly to my request for this assessment,” the Governor said. “Like the state, homeowners and municipalities are operating on very tight budgets. If there is federal assistance available, I want to make sure that we get it as quickly as possible for everyone who is entitled to it.”
3/24/2010Gov. Rell Nominates Eveleigh to Supreme Court, 10 to Superior Court
  Governor Rell today announced she is nominating Superior Court Judge Dennis G. Eveleigh of Hamden to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Christine S. Vertefeuille and nominating 10 new judges to fill vacancies on the Superior Court bench.
3/23/2010Gov. Rell Requests Visit from FEMA to Confirm Storm Damage Estimates
  DEMHS has also been collecting damage information on homes and businesses, and data is being collected to determine if businesses qualify for low interest Small Business Administration (SBA) loans. This damage data is being collected through municipal Emergency Management Directors (EMDs) and submitted to DEMHS for analysis. Completed damage surveys are due Thursday, March 25 to the local EMDs.
3/23/2010Gov. Rell: $36 Million in Stimulus Bonds to Help Lower Financing Costs of Green Energy Projects
  “The conservation bonding program will serve as a critical resource, lowering the costs of financing projects that will stimulate economic activity, grow jobs, cut our dependence on fossil fuels and preserve our environment,” Governor Rell said.
3/22/2010Gov. Rell: Rapid Review Board Analyzing Effects, DSS & OPM Assessing Costs of Health Care Bill
  “We’re the ones left to figure out the bill, left to see if it can work and determine how much it will cost,” the Governor said. “I expect to know more about that this week. This much, however, I can tell you already: Connecticut, like nearly every other state, cannot afford millions and billions in costs that Washington passes along. It’s that simple.”
3/22/2010Gov. Rell Submits Testimony Supporting Tougher Sanctions Against Child Predators
  Gov. Rell today submitted written testimony to the Legislature’s Judiciary Committee in support of her three proposals that would reform and further strengthen the state’s sex offender registry and toughen laws against child-sex predators and criminals who engage in human trafficking. She also supports the Committee’s proposal to ban “sexting” by teenagers.
3/22/2010Gov. Rell: DPUC, DEMHS Moving Aggressively on Probe of Utilities’ Storm Response
  Governor Rell today announced that the investigation she ordered into the actions of the state’s two largest electric utilities during and after the March 13-14 storm is now in full swing.
3/19/2010Gov. Rell: Food Stamp Recipients Can Get Extra Help if Food Spoiled from Fairfield County Power Outage
  “I urge Food Stamp recipients who have lost power and perishable food supplies to call 2-1-1, toll-free, and ask for replacement benefits,” Governor Rell said. “The deadline for calling is Friday, April 2.”
3/19/2010Gov. Rell: State To Receive Gift Of Charter Oak Painting for 375th Anniversary
3/18/2010Gov. Rell Calls CL&P Officials to Express Frustration with Pace of Storm Recovery
  To speed the recovery, Governor Rell is once again sending Department of Transportation crews to the area to help with debris clearance. At the Governor’s request, the state Department of Public Utility Control has also asked United Illuminating Co. (UI) to loan some of its crews to CL&P to assist in restoring power to the remaining customers.
3/18/2010Gov. Rell: Hundreds of Consumers Taking Advantage of Appliance Rebate Program
  Information and appliance rebate forms can be found at:, at retailers and from the Connecticut electric utility companies. To request a rebate form by mail, call 1-877-WISE-USE or 1-877- 947-3873.
3/18/2010Gov. Rell: Public, Businesses Urged to Report Storm Damage to Local Officials
  Cities and towns need to complete the “Preliminary Damage Assessment” forms that were sent out earlier this week by the state Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security. The forms collect data on state and municipal damages and expenses, information that is then part of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s decision whether Connecticut meets the criteria for federal disaster assistance. The deadline for cities, towns and state agencies to submit the assessment forms to DEMHS is Monday, March 22.
3/18/2010Gov. Rell: State Celebrates 375 Years of Agriculture at Ag Day at State Capitol
  “Agriculture is a $2 billion industry in Connecticut that accounts for 50,000 jobs and thousands of acres of open space that enhance our quality of life.”
3/17/2010Gov. Rell: State Has Toll-Free Hotline To Help Residents Impacted by Storm Damage
  Governor Rell today reminded Connecticut residents impacted by this weekend’s rain and wind storm that they can call the state’s Insurance Department toll-free hotline at 800-203-3447 with questions about claims.
3/17/2010Gov. Rell Debuts New Stimulus-Funded CTTransit Buses
  The 35-foot-long, diesel-powered buses cost about $365,600 apiece. They are “low floor” buses for easier accessibility and have two wheelchair positions.
3/16/2010Governor Rell Asks DPUC, DEMHS to Probe Utility Response to Storm
  "Thousands of Connecticut residents remain without power even now – three days after the storm, with nighttime lows still dipping into the 30s. And it is flatly unacceptable for a fire or police official to be unable to reach a ‘real person’ at a utility company in the middle of an emergency. We need to know what went wrong, why it happened and how to keep it from happening again."
3/15/2010Gov. Rell: State Spreading News of 375th Anniversary Through 'Social Media'
  To access information on upcoming 375th activities through various social networking sites, visit: ¨ Twitter: ¨ YouTube: ¨ Facebook:
3/15/2010Gov. Rell: State Awarded $7.3 Million in Stimulus To Upgrade, Enhance Health Information Network
3/15/2010Gov. Rell Tours Storm Damage, Begins Coordinating Statewide Damage Assessments
  The Governor has also called on officials from municipalities whose towns were not affected by the storm to loan equipment (e.g., wood chippers, bucket trucks, front-end loaders) and personnel to those communities that were hardest-hit. Calling it “a modern-day barn raising,” the Governor told the town leaders that while federal or state reimbursement for the loans is not available, “they could one day find their generosity reciprocated when their own town is in need.”
3/10/2010Gov. Rell: Major Improvements at State Veterans Home
  "Our state was the first in the nation to commit to providing a home to veterans who needed it – a commitment that dates to the Civil War. That commitment is continuing, down through the years."
3/10/2010Gov. Rell: State Dedicating $5 Million For More Farmland Preservation in 2010
  “Supporting agriculture and the family farms that define this vital industry ensure we retain the ability to produce food and jobs. I am pleased and very proud that we can put more prime farmland in preservation.”
3/10/2010Gov. Rell Orders New RFP for Secure Facility for Juvenile Girls
  “I know that, with help, these girls can turn their lives around. By structuring this RFP around three different scenarios, we can entertain a wide range of potential locations and operating plans, which should also help complete this project at the lowest possible cost to Connecticut’s taxpayers.”
3/9/2010Gov. Rell Unveils Partnership To Establish UConn Health Network
  “This is a $352 million investment in a new hospital that will have increased classroom and lab space for more medical and dental students and will help offset anticipated shortages in these professions,” Governor Rell said.
3/8/2010Governor Rell Gives Testimony Supporting Her Bill to Strengthen State FOI Law
  “It is equally important that public agencies follow not only the letter but the spirit of the Freedom of Information law – and that applies not only to ‘final’ public documents but the drafts and notes that go into their creation,” the Governor said.
3/8/2010Gov. Rell Establishes Citizens’ Education Commission To Help Close Achievement Gap
  “The commission I have assembled is made up of those who have achieved success in a number of fields and, most importantly, those who have a passionate interest in helping all of our children succeed.”
3/6/2010Gov. Rell: Connecticut Schools Raise Over $36,000 to Address Needs of Haitian Children
  To contribute to this fund, please visit any local Bank of America branch in Connecticut to make a deposit in the account set up by the Connecticut Association of Schools for the state’s Haiti relief efforts
3/6/2010Gov. Rell Celebrates Groundbreaking for New Air National Guard Engine Repair Facility
  Governor Rell today celebrated the groundbreaking for an $8.3 million, federally funded military jet engine repair facility at the Bradley Air National Guard Base in East Granby.
3/2/2010Gov. Rell: State Joins ‘Complete College Alliance’
  “I am pleased that Connecticut is at the forefront of a national alliance to significantly enhance student success and increase our number of college graduates – an effort which ultimately raises family incomes and strengthens our state’s economy,” the Governor said. “Fortunately, we have state education and work force leaders already collaborating on ways for schools and colleges to work better together to strengthen student success.”

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