Governor Rell: Governor's Press Releases 2010

Governor's Press Releases 2010

February 2010
3/2/2010Governor Rell: State Joins ‘Complete College Alliance’
3/1/2010Statement of Governor Rell on New Deficit Mitigation Plan
3/1/2010Gov. Rell: State to Assess Congress' Failure to Pass Extensions of Unemployment
  “Regrettably, Congress has accomplished little in the past several weeks and we have no way of knowing when they will finally act in common to pass these needed programs.”
3/1/2010Gov. Rell: $$ For New Vo-Tech School Buses
  “With this updated fleet, we have a tremendous opportunity to, perhaps save a life and prevent another family from suffering the devastating loss of a loved one” Governor Rell said. “We need to do the right thing for our children. When the state orders new buses, they must come equipped with seat belts.”
3/1/2010Gov. Rell: State Gets $1.3 Million Stimulus For Health, Wellness Programs
  The award will allow the DPH to expand its tobacco Quitline (1-800-QUIT-NOW) services and work with grassroots organizations to promote those smoking cessation services among high-risk populations, including pregnant women and youth.
3/1/2010Gov. Rell: State to Aid Affordable Housing Development in Old Saybrook
3/1/2010Gov.Rell: Council Begins Paving Way For Electric Vehicles in Connecticut
  For more information and to review the report, go to: and click on link for Electric Vehicles Infrastructure Council.
2/26/2010Gov. Rell Announces Design Competition for Statewide Veterans Memorial in Rocky Hill
  Submissions are welcome from those who can fulfill all of the submission requirements. All entry rules, instructions and site photos are available at or by e-mailing
2/26/2010Gov. Rell Celebrates Groundbreaking for Center for Science, Health & Wellness at NCC
  “We are getting ‘greener’ with every new project and this building will be a testament to that when completed. Its design will meet the silver standard under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design requirements, truly making it a jewel in our education system.”
2/23/2010Gov. Rell: Federal Funds Help New Veterans’ Representatives Join DOL Staff
2/23/2010Gov. Rell: Federal Funds Help New Veterans’ Representatives Join DOL Staff
2/22/2010Gov. Rell Urges Revision of Campaign Finance Law
  “Governor Rell’s testimony underlines her strong commitment and leadership to saving this essential good government reform,” said Karen Hobert Flynn, Vice President of State Operations for Common Cause.
2/22/2010Gov. Rell: Connecticut’s Third Film Industry Training Program Now Taking Applications
  Newly Revised Web Site Now Up & Running
2/22/2010Gov. Rell: Stimulus-Funded Projects for Drinking Water, Sewer Upgrades Underway
2/18/2010Gov. Rell Submits Testimony Supporting Tuition Loan Reimbursement Proposal
  "My program will ensure that more of our young people are able to take advantage of the educational opportunities that will allow them to qualify for these jobs. It will also increase the likelihood that these highly trained students will make their homes and careers in our state, not only in green technologies but in other crucial fields."
2/17/2010Gov. Rell Kicks Off CT's 375th Anniversary
2/17/2010Gov. Rell: Yankees' World Series Trophy Coming to State Capitol Friday
  The trophy will be on display in the State Capitol building from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. The public is invited to take photographs with the trophy and visit with members of the Yankees’ front office.
2/15/2010Gov. Rell Launches Celebration of State’s 375th Anniversary Wednesday
  The great State of Connecticut turns 375 years old in 2010 and Governor Rell will be joined by school children, historians and ceremonial guards in a special event on Wednesday at 3:30 PM at the State Library to kick off a yearlong celebration.
2/14/2010Gov. Rell Announces New, Online System for Reporting, Monitoring Vital Clean Air Data
  Governor Rell today announced that the state Department of Environmental Protection is launching a new, state-of-the-art online system for power plants, factories and other facilities to report their emissions data electronically.
2/13/2010Gov. Rell Announces Grants for Urban Forestry Projects
2/13/2010Gov. Rell: Job Seekers Can Now Receive `E-Alerts’ of Connecticut State Exams and Job Postings
  To set up a personal account visit and click on the “Exams and Jobs” button at the bottom of the page.
2/13/2010Gov. Rell: Stimulus $$ for Energy Efficiency Projects
2/13/2010Governor Rell: State Financing to Help Bloomfield, New Britain Companies Retain and Create Jobs
2/11/2010Labor Department Remains Open During Upcoming State Holidays for Filing UI Claims
  The state Department of Labor’s Call Centers for filing unemployment insurance claims will remain open from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. on two state holidays in February.
2/11/2010Governor Rell Declares February 12 ‘Connecticut Olympians Day’
  "I am proud to honor 10 Olympians from right here in Connecticut who are not only representing the state but the entire nation in the 2010 winter games. These Olympians are role models – not only for young athletes but for anyone who works hard and dedicates themselves to achieving their goals in life."
2/10/2010Gov. Rell Coordinates Staggered Early Releases with Hartford Employers as Winter Storm Approaches
  “We want to get our people home safely, so all of the employers who are releasing their workers early have agreed to begin a methodical release of staff between noon and 1 p.m. One third of workers will be released at noon, another third at 12:30 p.m. and the last third at 1 p.m. This will avoid a mass exodus that ties up the highways while getting people home safely before the worst of the storm hits Greater Hartford.”
2/9/2010Gov. Rell Contacts Major Hartford-Area Employers in Case Storm Triggers Staggered Releases
  "The decision to release employees early will rest with the individual employers. However, we do want to coordinate the timing among those who do decide to release their staff so that the traffic flow is as safe and orderly as possible. That keeps things safe for motorists and enables the Department of Transportation snow plows to do their job."
2/9/2010Gov. Rell: Statewide Day of Mourning Wednesday for Victims of Middletown Power Plant Explosion
  Governor Rell ordered Connecticut state flags to be flown at half-staff on Wednesday from sunup to sundown and asked residents to observe a moment of silence at 11 a.m., the approximate time of the explosion that devastated the nearly completed power plant under construction on River Road.
2/8/2010Gov. Rell Assembles Experts to Review Cause of Middletown Blast, State Safety Codes
  “Our response to the Middletown explosion must follow two distinct but critical paths,” the Governor said. “We must first identify what went wrong and then determine every measure we can take to prevent future catastrophes. The reviews must be thorough, impartial and swift. And if there are concrete steps we can take in the meantime, we must be equally swift in putting those new measures into place.”
2/8/2010Gov. Rell Announces No-Fly Zone Over Middletown Plant Site
  The flight restrictions are in effect until 5:21 p.m. Monday, February 8, and extend to a three nautical mile radius below 3,000 feet.
2/7/2010Statement from Gov. Rell on the Middletown Plant Explosion
2/7/2010Middletown Power Plant Explosion Update
  Governor Rell is on her way to the scene. She has spoken with the Mayor of Middletown and the Chief of the Middletown Fire Department.
2/7/2010Gov. Rell: $$ Collected From Disclosure of Accounts
  The DRS reports that 148 taxpayers have so far filed applications for disclosure. Once the applications have been processed, the state could take in more than $5 million from the program.
2/7/2010Gov. Rell Urges Eligible Residents to Claim Earned Income Tax Credit, New Car Deduction
  Governor Rell said residents can learn more about EITC by visiting the Infoline Web site at The site also provides information about free income tax filing assistance.
2/5/2010Gov. Rell: Bridgeport Alternatives‘Not Promising,’ But Review Continues
  “The girls who will be served there have already gone far too long without a proper place to get the help they need – and that has to be the overriding concern. This will not be a ‘jail,’ as critics would have it. It will be a residential facility, a place that will be far more home-like than state buildings most people are used to seeing.”
2/3/2010Gov. Rell’s Budget IncludesSweeping Economic Recovery Package
  Under the program, graduates of Connecticut colleges and universities who spend at least two years living and working in the state are eligible for a reimbursement of up to $2,500 in state or federal tuition loans. Graduates can qualify for an additional $2,500 in reimbursement for each additional year spent living and working in the state, up to a maximum of $10,000 per student.
2/3/2010Governor M. Jodi Rell's State of the State Speech
2/2/2010Gov. Rell’s Budget Includes Wide-Ranging Fiscal Reforms, Safeguards for “Rainy Day Fund”
2/2/2010Gov. Rell Proposes Measures to Save and Strengthen State’s Campaign Financing Law
  "We must provide certainty to all candidates in the 2010 election, especially those who are running in the Special Election that takes place in less than a month. Candidates need to know the rules."
2/1/2010Gov. Rell Seeking Tougher Laws, Sanctions Against Sexual Offenders, Child Predators
  The Governor’s proposals would also criminalize the use of “interactive” computer and Internet services, such as a webcam or phone camera, to entice minors to display their intimate body parts and engage in a sexual act.
2/1/2010Gov. Rell: State Trimming Bureaucracy With “Lean” Practices and Policies
  "Less red tape gives staff more time to carry out the responsibilities to our citizens."
2/1/2010Gov. Rell Proposes Significant Enhancements of State’s Law Banning Cell Phone Use by Drivers
  The Governor’s proposal also strengthens the law by adding a $500 fine in cases where a violation of the cell phone ban results in an accident.

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