DEEP: MIW Training - Video 2

Municipal Inland Wetlands Agency Training
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An Introduction to Map Reading & Site Plan Review
This entertaining video, tailored for Connecticut's municipal inland wetlands agencies, takes you on an imaginative journey with new inland wetlands agency member Harvey Windsor as he learns about different maps and navigates site plans.  
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Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - The History of Maps
Chapter 3 - Map and Site Plans 101
Chapter 4 - Aerial Photographs
Chapter 5 - Topographic Maps
Chapter 6 - Soil Survey Maps
Chapter 7 - Additional Maps
Chapter 8  - Reviewing a Site Plan
Chapter 9 - Existing Conditions
Chapter 10 - Site Development Features
Chapter 11 - Contours and Grading
Chapter 12 - Site Engineering
Chapter 13 - Insight and Advice
Content last updated on January 28, 2014