DEEP: MIW Training - Video 1

Municipal Inland Wetlands Agency Training
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Introduction: Connecticut's Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Act
This video will assist Connecticut's municipal inland wetlands agencies in understanding their role and responsibilities in regulating activities which may impact or affect wetlands and watercourses.  The nine chapters present critical topics such as Connecticut's definition of "wetlands", the agency meeting, and timelines for applications. 

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Chapter 1 - History & Definitions of Inland Wetlands and Watercourses
Chapter 2 - Three Branches of Government & Other Relevant Laws
Chapter 3 - Commissioner and Agent Responsibilities
Chapter 4 - Inland Wetlands Agency Jurisdiction
Chapter 5 - The Commission Meeting
Chapter 6 - Making the Record
Chapter 7 - Timelines for Applications and Amendments
Chapter 8  - The Fair and Impartial Commission
Chapter 9 - Insight and Advice
Additional Materials (PDF) - Reference information including glossary, timelines and websites
Content last updated on January 28, 2014.