DEEP: Blue Plan Coordination and Cooperation

Blue Plan Coordination and Cooperation
As outlined in the Blue Plan Vision and Goals document, "the plan shall ensure collaborative and coordinated planning among agencies and stakeholders based on a common vision, shared information, and transparent decision-making processes."
The development of the Blue Plan depends on gaining insight from a range of stakeholders and public users of Long Island Sound. Our goal is not only to use this insight in development of the Blue Plan but to also foster discussions between user groups, allowing for better coordination and cooperation of Long Island Soundís traditional uses and natural resources.
{Recreational fishermen are an important Long Island Sound user group}
One way in which we hope to accomplish this goal is by having a multi-stakeholder Blue Plan Advisory Committee (BPAC), with representatives from water-dependent industry, universities, Non-government Organizations (NGOs), local governments, recreation and aquaculture interests, and more. The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP), Connecticut Sea Grant, and The Nature Conservancy are leading the various stakeholders in Blue Plan development and planning. To learn more about Advisory Committee members, please visit the Blue Plan Process page.
Throughout this process, BPAC Members have reached out to their representative user groups to gather information on the Blue Plan and gain feedback on how their sectors view available data, what they find useful in the Blue Plan, and what they think might be missing.  BPAC Members have shared the information they receive with the Blue Plan team so that it may be integrated into the Inventory and the final Blue Plan.
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Content Last Updated March 8, 2018