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Feb 19, 2014

Public Information Meeting, Project No. 159-189, Rehabilitation of Bridge No. 00807

The Connecticut Department of Transportation (Department) will conduct a Public Information Meeting concerning the rehabilitation of Bridge No. 00807, which carries Ridge Road over Routes 5/15 in the town of Wethersfield.  The meeting will be held on Wednesday, February 19, 2014 at 7:00 pm in the Pitkin Community Center, 30 Greenfield Street, Wethersfield.  In the event of inclement weather, the meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 25, 2014.

The existing bridge, built in 1942, is a two span rigid frame founded on spread footings.  The existing bridge fascia consists of reinforced concrete spandrel walls and wingwalls with a decorative stone facade.  The two-span bridge has a total length of 96 feet.  Each concrete rigid frame has a clear span of 44 feet.  The curb-to-curb width of Routes 5/15 is 35 feet.  The curb-to-curb roadway width of Ridge Road is 40 feet, which matches the approach roadway width.  There are approximately 7.5 foot wide sidewalks on both sides of the bridge resulting in an out-to-out deck width of 66 feet.  Stone masonry wall enclosures are constructed at both curbs along the bridge to enclose utilities. The bridge has a minimum vertical clearance of 14 feet 2 inches over the northbound slow vehicle lane. The posted vertical clearance for northbound traffic at the bridge is 13 feet 7 inches.

The proposed project consists of full and partial depth deck concrete patching on the rigid frame slab as necessary.  The rehabilitation effort will focus on repairing the heavily deteriorated portion of the fascia soffit up to the longitudinal construction joint in the rigid frame slab.  The concrete within the existing spandrel walls will be replaced in small sections from the sidewalk level down to the top of the rigid frame, while maintaining and supporting the existing stone masonry facing.  The majority of formwork and supporting system required to support the stone masonry will be constructed from Ridge Road above to minimize impacts to traffic on Routes 5/15 below as well as to minimize reductions to existing vertical clearances.  The existing pavement, sand fill over the frame, and concrete sidewalks on the bridge will be removed and replaced.  New membrane waterproofing will be placed over top of the entire frame prior to the construction of the new fill, pavement and sidewalks. The existing stone masonry wall that encloses the utilities along the curbs will be maintained throughout the construction. The existing chain link fence along both parapets will be removed and replaced with new fence.

Construction will be performed in two stages with stop sign controlled alternating one-way traffic along Ridge Road.  Oakdale Street between Ridge Road and Carleton Street may have to be detoured along Carleton and Harding Street during stage 2 construction to prevent sightline obstructions and for the safety of local traffic.  Two lanes of traffic in each direction of Routes 5/15 will be maintained throughout the construction period during peak hours.  Existing lane widths will be maintained but shoulder widths may be reduced to accommodate temporary supports for formwork above.  One sidewalk along Ridge Road will be protected and maintained during each construction stage to accommodate pedestrian traffic.  All work will occur within the Stateís existing right-of-way; therefore, no property impacts are anticipated.


Construction is anticipated to begin in the spring of 2015 and be completed by fall of 2015, with a construction duration of approximately eight months.  The rehabilitation of this bridge will be undertaken with 100 percent State Fix-It-First funds.  The estimated construction cost of the project is $1.6 million.

The Public Information Meeting is being held to afford a full opportunity for public participation and to allow open discussion of any views and comments the community may have concerning this proposed project.  The meeting facility is ADA accessible.  Language assistance may be requested by contacting the Department of Transportationís Office of Communications (voice only) at (860) 594-3062 at least five working days prior to the meeting.  Language assistance is provided at no cost to the public, and efforts will be made to respond to requests for assistance.

Individuals requesting language assistance or accommodations due to a disability should click on the "Request Hyperlink" link below and complete the form, or they may contact the communications office at (860) 594-3061; or (860) 594-3090 (TTY).  For consideration your request should be submitted 7 days prior to the event.   The department will make every reasonable effort to provide assistance when possible.





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