DEEP: Eastern Hognose Snake

Eastern Hognose Snake

(Heterodon platirhinos)

{Eastern Hognose Snake}

IDENTIFICATION: A medium-size stoutly built snake with a distinctive upturned rostral scale, given the appearance of an upturned "nose." The dorsum is highly variable in pattern, some animals are uniformly brown or olive green, others have vivid banding of black alternating with brick red or yellow. The dorsal scales are keeled, the venter yellow with black pigment, the tail quite short. Adult total length 530-820 mm.

The hognose snake's center of distribution in Connecticut is the extensive glacial sand and gravel deposits that span the central portions of the eastern and western hills. It has been found up to 1,200 feet. In the Central Connecticut Lowland and coastal zone, there are far more historical records than recent sightings, indicating that this species has declined in this more intensely developed part of the state. Hognose snakes appear to occur at very low population levels when compared with other snakes. Declines of hognose snakes have been reported along the entire northern limit of their range, from New England westward to Michigan. The hognose is a "Special Concern" species in Connecticut, and under the Connecticut Code (Sec. 26-55-3-E) possession is limited to a single specimen.

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