DEEP: Smooth Green Snake

Smooth Green Snake

(Liochlorophis vernalis)

{Smooth Green Snake}

IDENTIFICATION: A small, delicate snake easily identified by its smooth, bright green dorsum and immaculate ivory-yellow venter. Recently killed specimens turn a bright indigo blue. Adult total length 300-630 mm.

Smooth green snakes are irregularly distributed in Connecticut. Most recent records are east of the Connecticut River, though there are current and historical records from the western portion of the state. Green snakes were once more widespread in Connecticut, but have declined due to pesticide spraying in the early 1950s (Klemens, 1993), as well as the continued loss of their preferred habitat, open grassland often associated with a wetland system, to development and reforestation. It is difficult to assess whether smooth green snake populations are stable, declining, or possibly (in eastern Connecticut) increasing.

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