DEEP: Northern Two-lined Salamander

Northern Two-lined Salamander

(Eurycea bislineata)

{Northern Two-lined Salamander}

IDENTIFICATION: A small, delicately-proportioned species. Dorsal coloration quite variable, ranging from metallic gold with two distinct black stripes to a more somber olive-brown with black speckles. Often confused with the northern dusky salamander, from which it can be distinguished by its smaller, more delicate build, equally proportioned front and hind limbs, and the presence of an orange or yellow wash on the under side of the tail. Adults 70-110 mm total length.

The two-lined salamander is Connecticut's most common stream salamander. It has a wider range of habitat tolerance than the dusky salamander, including streams that are scoured on a regular basis. At many sites in southwestern Connecticut and adjacent New York, where dusky and two-lined salamanders once occurred, only two-lined salamanders remain. These populations have undoubtedly increased due to the extirpation of dusky salamanders.

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