DEEP: Northern Ringneck Snake

Northern Ringneck Snake

(Diadophis punctatus edwardsii)

{Northern Ringneck Snake}

IDENTIFICATION: A small, gray-colored snake with smooth, polished scales. The black head is flattened, quite wide for its size, and there is a yellow ring around the neck. The venter is bright yellow to orange, some individuals have a row of black spots on the midline of the venter. Adult total length 225-415 mm.

The northern ringneck snake is a small, secretive species, reported from a wide variety of habitats in Connecticut, ranging from pitch pine barrens to hemlock ravines. It is most frequently encountered under cover, including stones, bark, and trash. This species is found from near sea level to Connecticut's highest elevations on the Taconic Uplift in the northwest corner of Litchfield County. The ringneck snake is presently secure in Connecticut.

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