DEEP: Forest Management on State Lands

Forest Management on State Lands

Currently, there are 32 State Forests totaling about 170,000 acres in the Connecticut State Forest system.  These are lands owned by the State of Connecticut and managed by State of Connecticut Department Energy and  Environmental Protection, through DEEP's Division of Forestry.  Connecticut's individual State Forests are distributed throughout the state.

In managing these lands, the Division of Forestry seeks to develop a vigorous, resilient, forest environment capable of sustaining the wide range of demands that the public places on these lands. These demands include a variety of recreational experiences, natural diversity (including threatened and endangered species), the preservation of unique sites (both geologic and archeological), the provision of raw materials as forest products, and the maintenance of wildlife and fisheries habitats. The Divisionís professional foresters work to insure that these forests remain healthy and vigorous while serving the needs of the citizens of Connecticut.
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Content last updated January 14, 2020