DEEP: Net and Virtual Net Metering

Siting Clean Energy on Connecticut Brownfields
Net Metering and Virtual Net Metering
{Photo of solar panels and windmill} {Photo of Plainfield Renewable Energy biomass power plant on former Gallup} {Photo of windmill}
Net Metering
Connecticutís Electric Distribution Companies (EDCs) currently offer Net Metering (NM) for electricity generated by a customer from a Class I renewable energy source (i.e., solar, wind, etc.), through a billing credit, that has a nameplate capacity rating of two megawatts or less. For additional information on NM, please contact the EDC that services your area, United Illuminating (UI) or Eversource.  
Virtual Net Metering
Virtual Net Metering (VNM) offers financial incentives to State, Municipal and Agricultural customers to encourage the installation of Class I and Class III (i.e., electricity output from combined heat and power systems) distributed generation. VNM allows customers who operate behind-the-meter generation (Customer Host) to assign surplus production from their generator to other metered accounts (Beneficial Accounts) that are not physically connected to the Customer Hostís generator. For additional information on VNM, please visit EnergizeCT.
Siting renewable energy generation with NM or VNM on a brownfield may make your project more economical, where production from the generator is first used to reduce the electric consumption, and surplus production can then be assigned to reduce the electric bill.  Eligibility requirements and compensation will vary with each program. 
Content last updated on March 7, 2016.