DEEP: 2014 Government/Institutional GreenCircle Award Recipients

GreenCircle Award Recipients
2014 Government / Institutional Related

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The Connecticut Lottery Corporation
Rocky Hill, CT


Execute changes that reduce annual energy or water consumption rates by more than 15%; implement a project to reduce greenhouse gas emissions consistent with Connecticut's Climate Change Initiatives in one of the following sectors: transportation; agriculture, forestry or waste; electricity generation; education and outreach; reduce or eliminate the use of elemental mercury or products containing elemental mercury; successfully implement an innovative and unique pollution prevention plan or recycling program that generates an environmental benefit; and execute an innovative purchasing program that promotes the procurement of recycled and environmentally preferable products.

The Connecticut Lottery Corporation (CLC) is committed to being green. In 2013, the company has initiated or continued six projects. In May 2013, CLC replaced all the conventional bulbs in its parking lot with high quality LEDs manufactured by Cree, an Energy Star Partner. The new fixtures deliver the same amount of light as the old, but use 10-15% of the power, thus, providing an annual savings of 49,884 kilowatt-hours. The new lights' life expectancy of 60,000 hours means that they would not need to be replaced for 16 years.

CLC has sought new uses for old goods. For instance, the recycling of old electronic equipment through a disposal system that finds new uses for the parts. Every year, CLC uses hundreds of wooden pallets to store and move the large amounts of recycled paper products its operation requires. In the past, CLC discarded worn pallets but now the pallets are sent for repair and reintroduction into the supply chain.

The company actively participates in Dell's "Plant-A-Tree" program. CLC supports the tree planting efforts to help offset the carbon released by its use of electricity. The planted trees help to absorb greenhouse gas emissions, improving air quality, recycling water, creating shade and providing food and shelter for living things.

For lottery retailers, CLC provides Instant Ticket Dispensers made of plastic. The company used to throw out the dirty ones and buy new ones, but now they clean them in an energy-efficient dishwasher and return them to the field. Since this program started in 2002, approximately 900 dispensers are recycled every year which prevents about 3,000 pounds of plastic from ending up in a landfill.

The CLC purchases green products. They work under fluorescent lights and use recycled paper in their printers and copiers, packaging envelopes and the Instant Tickets they produce. Even their binders are biodegradable. In the break rooms and at corporate functions, they use biodegradable plates, cups, and cutlery. Green soaps and cleaning products are supplied in their buildings. Green landscaping products are used on the grounds. Old records are sent to a document-shredding service to conserve landfill space. Lottery winners receive recyclable bags.

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