DEEP: 2012 Government/Institutional GreenCircle Award Recipients

GreenCircle Award Recipients
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Avon Public Schools
Avon, CT

Execute changes that reduce annual energy or water consumption rates by more than 15%.

Avon Public schools continuing Energy conservation efforts are now showing a 31% annual savings in Energy usage and costs. Since the program's inception in June 2011, the cumulative Greenhouse Gas Reduction is 11,805 MMBTU and 1,096 equivalent metric tons of CO2. In the month of July 2012 alone their program produced a 55% savings equal to approximately $67,000 less than the base year.

The reductions are accomplished primarily through modification of set points and operating times of all of HVAC equipment, including shutting equipment down entirely over summer break. Additionally, all lighting have been programmed to operate only as necessary and staff has been trained to turn off all electronic equipment (computers, monitors, printers, etc.), on a nightly basis. Special emphasis is put on equipment shutdown over long weekends and holiday breaks when the buildings are for the most part unoccupied.

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