DEEP: 2011 Government/Institutional GreenCircle Award Recipients

GreenCircle Award Recipients
2011 Government / Institutional Related

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US Coast Guard Academy
New London, CT

Promote conservation and preservation of critical plant or animal habitats.

The Roseate Tern (Sterna dougallii) is a state and federally listed endangered bird. North America's third largest roseate tern colony is located at Falkner Island, CT part of the Stewart B. McKinney National Wildlife Refuge.

Tropical Storm Irene destroyed all 200 nesting boxes critical to the survival of the Roseate Tern. The special ground nesting box was designed to protect eggs and young chicks from predators like herons, owls, gulls and other raptors. Before the nesting boxes were used, approximately 30% of hatched tern chicks successfully fledged. With nesting boxes the fledging rate increased to 81%. Upon learning of the nesting box loss, Academy cadets and staff partnered with Connecticut Audubon, the USFWS, Connecticut College, and New London Magnet School, built 200 nesting boxes, and gave them to USFWS. The new boxes were placed on Falkner Island by USFWS staff and USCGA cadets in April 2012.

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