DEEP: 2006 Government/Institutional GreenCircle Award Recipients

GreenCircle Award Recipients
2006 Government / Institutional Related

Name of Government or Institutional Entity


Description Of Activity

Dinosaur State Park Scientific Advisory Board
Rocky Hill, CT

Voluntarily contribute significant time or resources to environmental instructional programs, DEP fish and wildlife projects, water quality monitoring programs, or lake, river, or watershed associations

The Dinosaur State Park Scientific Advisory Board, chaired by former State Geologist Ralph Lewis, was formed in on January 2004. Members include geology professors, Department of Environmental Protection educators, classroom teachers and other Friends of the Park. They have volunteered hundred of hours since the Board was formed and have assisted park staff on number of projects including the new loan box program, a series of very popular teacher workshops, the Park’s new educational film and special events like the Great Park Pursuit and Dinosaur State Park Day. Their expertise and enthusiasm has been a valuable resource to park staff in assisting us to improve both the number and quality of park programs.

Riverfront Recapture, Inc.
Hartford, CT

Improving public access to shore/waterfront/private lands/streams through voluntary projects; voluntarily contributing significant time or resources to environmental instructional programs; and donating significant time or resources to assist with environmental projects sponsored by youth groups, or community or conservation organizations

For centuries, the Connecticut River was a part of people's lives and an integral component of the state's economy, until devastating floods in 1936 and 1938 led residents to demand protection from the River. Dikes, 38 feet high, provided that protection, but walled off communities from the River. In the 50s, the construction of Interstate 91 created another barrier along Hartford's Riverfront. Today, the Riverfront park system covers 120 acres with 6.5 miles of shoreline along the Connecticut River. Riverfront Parks are now the home of many programs and services that welcome the community to experience and appreciate the natural environment with a particular focus on programs that introduce at-risk urban youth to recreational, athletic, and educational activities, including the Summer Youth Employment Program in which urban teenagers restore and study riverine fish habitat to support the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection's environmental preservation efforts.

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