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BAE Systems - Inertial Products

Cheshire, CT

Certifying to ISO 14001.

The BAE Systems - Inertial Products implemented ISO 14001 protocols in 2006 by creating an ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) Manual which encompasses environmental procedures and forms to conform to the ISO 14001 Standard. BAEís Pre-Assessment Initial Registration Audit conducted by Advanced Waste Management (AWM) Systems, Inc. took place between December 4 through 7, 2006. The facility passed the audit without a single minor or major finding, thus becoming the first facility inspected that did not have a single finding on an initial audit. BAE will continue to maintain their ISO 14001 Registration (#00192) with semi-annual surveillance audits by AWM.

Branson Ultrasonics Corp.
Danbury, CT

Documenting and implementing a facility-wide pollution prevention plan.

As part of the Branson Ultrasonic Corporation's documented Environmental Policy to prevent pollution, Branson replaced an Information Systems, an uninterruptible power supply system, with a unit containing 45% less Sulfuric Acid Solution. This significantly reduced the quantity of listed hazardous material in the facility, and in turn, reduced the potential risk of exposure.

Stratford, CT

Implementing manufacturing processes that eliminate or significantly reduce the quantity or toxicity of a facility's waste stream.

EMSAR is a global leader in the manufacturing of dispensing pumps and sprayers for cosmetics, toiletries, household, and food products. EMSAR is ISO 9000 certified, therefore, any change or deviation from a Quality Control (QC) procedure must be documented. It was the objective of an engineering intern to eliminate the use of isopropyl alcohol (IPA) from QC testing procedures on the production floor. Numerous QC tests were performed to determine the variation between using 100% water and 50% IPA currently used. On December 1, 2005, EMSAR was able to convert all QC testing on the production floor to water only. On average, EMSAR assembles 1.5 million pumps per day. Of these roughly 2% - 3% are quality tested daily. The change in the QC testing protocol brings EMSAR's IPA usage for QC testing on the production floor to zero and equates to a reduction of approximately 220 gallons of IPA usage annually.

ESPN, Inc.
Bristol, CT

Sponsoring a river, beach or neighborhood clean up day.

ESPN, Inc. co-sponsored Bristol Clean-Up Day on Saturday, April 29, 2006. All participants were provided free T-shirts, supplied by ESPN, as part of the promotion. Eight ESPN employees: Gerard Arrotti, Lisa Lonicki, Brian Lonick, Scott O'Leary, Shane Taurinski, Chris Russano, Butch LeClair, and Carl Wiser cleaned up a one-mile stretch of Pine Street located between Middle Street and the commuter parking lot.

Philson Incorporated
Watertown, CT

Sponsoring a river, beach or neighborhood clean up day.

Philson Incorporated's employees, their children, neighbors and suppliers gathered in the rain to conduct the 5th Annual SteeleBrook River Clean Up on Earth Day, April 22, 2006. Nearly 30 yards of trash and debris were collected along the river bank and the Ox Bow swale next to the Philson property.

Pratt & Whitney
Cheshire Engine Center

Cheshire, CT

Documenting and implementing a facility-wide pollution prevention plan.

The Pratt & Whitney Cheshire facility maintains a site-wide Pollution Prevention (P2) Plan and cross functional P2 Team. Their annual plan, based on cost, toxicity, and volume, includes numerous projects addressing energy and water use; air emissions; and waste reduction. Projects are specific and measurable with timelines and a responsible person(s), and are designed to meet corporate-wide P2 initiatives and goals. From 2003 to 2005 the P2 Plan has yielded many results including a 23% reduction in hazardous waste and a 16% reduction in facility water usage. Also, the facility has reduced air emissions and worked with the Department of Environmental Protectionís Bureau of Air Management to rescind their air general permit. In addition, the plan addresses the Environmental Management System to ensure compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.

Bristol, CT

Donating significant time or resources to assist with environmental projects sponsored by youth groups, or community or conservation organizations.

Ten members of Team ESPN, along with several family members, participated in a Volunteer Day at Sessions Woods Wildlife Management Area in Burlington, Connecticut. The focus of the work for this Volunteer Day was putting the finishing touches on a recently constructed pavillion, including painting the pavillion and picnic tables, and assembling the tables. In addition, two black bear traps were prepared for painting with primer. Wildlife biologist use the traps for nuisance black bears and in research efforts to radio collar female bears. The now-finished pavillion complements already existing facilities, including an education center with an exhibit area and a large meeting room, interpretive trails, habitat management demonstration areas, and a backyard wildlife habitat area. Sessions Woods offers conservation education programming that uses the expertise of the Wildlife Division and other Department of Environmental Protection Natural Resource Management staff.

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