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GreenCircle Award Recipients
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Branson Ultrasonics Corporation
Danbury, CT

Monitoring reductions in Greenhouse Gas emissions and meeting the U.S. Department of Energy reporting requirements of the "Voluntary Reporting of Greenhouse Gases" program

Branson Ultrasonics Corporation surpassed the ISO 14001 environmental management program target to reduce electrical energy consumption by 1% in 2004 by achieving at least a 3.8% Kwhr plant electrical load reduction, equivalent to an $11,250.00 electrical cost savings by shutting off facility lights and computer screens at night, purchasing energy-efficient motors, and continuing to use energy efficient fluorescent lighting. Over the last ten years, similar electrical load reductions have been converted to annual Greenhouse gas reductions and submitted to the Department of Energy, Voluntary Reporting of Greenhouse Gases Program.

Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute
Wallingford, CT

Promoting conservation and preservation of critical plant or animal habitats; implementing habitat enhancements for fish or wildlife on public or private property; and voluntarily contributing significant time or resources to environmental instructional programs, DEP fish and wildlife projects, water quality monitoring programs, or lake, river, or watershed associations

The Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) consists of a 177-acre parcel along Route 68, in Wallingford Township, New Haven County, Connecticut which BMS acquired the Wallingford Campus property in 1985. Activities at the Wallingford Campus align with the BMS commitment to social responsibility, sustainability, and environmental stewardship. BMS has prepared a Wildlife Habitat Management Plan (WHMP) to protect and enhance biodiversity, as well as fostering education and outreach to the local community. Implementation of the WHMP demonstrates BMS' commitment to sustainability, environmental stewardship. The BMS master plan for the Wallingford Campus embraces sustainability by preserving and enhancing the mosaic of forest, grassland meadow, historic farm field, wetland, and open water habitats that characterize the Wallingford Campus. Continuing the implementation of a water resource conservation program. Environmental stewardship at the Wallingford Campus is an ongoing practice that includes natural resource management, research, education and public outreach, and land restoration and conservation. The Wallingford Campus received the United States Environmental Protection Agency's National Performance Track Award (NPTA) in January 2004. The NPTA is awarded to companies that exhibit extraordinary environmental performance by demonstrating an excellent track record of compliance with environmental laws, establishing a formal environmental management system that includes self-audits, demonstrating progress in environmental performance beyond that required by law; and by having a commitment to public outreach as part of their envirionmental management plan. In the late 1990, the Wallingford Campus formed the "Green Team" under the direction of the Environmental, Health and Safety Department. The team was initially organized to evaluate and implement innovative ecological policies, programs, and education. The Wildlife Team took on the role of promoting and implementing habitat management projects designed to increase species diversity, preserve and enhance natural habitats, and provide education regarding the value of habitats and species present on the Wallingford Campus. BMS has prepared a Wildlife Habitat Management Plan (WHMP) to protect and enhance biodiversity, as well as fostering education and outreach to the local community

Stratford, CT

Sponsoring a river, beach or neighborhood clean up day

On April 16, 2005, EMSAR sponsored a beach clean-up in Stratford. Short Beach was chosen due to it's close proximity to EMSAR and because the beach is a place used by many employees during their lunch hour either for recreation or pleasure. The beach grounds were too big for a one day clean-up activity, so the area between the pavillions was selected as trash and debris tends to concentrate in this area. Several volunteers from the Stratford facility, along with friends and family, worked for several hours on Saturday morning picking up trash and debris. The Town of Stratford supplied bags for the garbage and the use of their dumpsters.

Torrington, CT

Executing changes that reduce annual energy or water consumption rates by more than 15%

In November of 2004, EMSAR-Torrington contracted with Northeast Resource Group, at the recommendation of CL&P, to install power factor correction equipment which would improve electric distribution, reduce KVA demand and lower electric costs. The power factor correction system utilizes a capacitor system that minimizes power surges and technology that senses imbalances within the facility; attracts this electrical inefficiency and waste; and recycles into useful energy. This system maintains a power factor which lowers electrical demand. The first seven months of 2005, EMSAR-Torrington achieved an energy savings of 2,334,000 watts which decreased electrical demand by 22% and saved $11,902.

ESPN, Incorporated
Bristol, CT

Executing changes that reduce annual energy or water consumption rates by more than 15%

ESPN retrofitted 2 chillers with variable speed drive pumps resulting in reducing energy consumption on the chiller system from 1,074,948 kWh to 796,140 kWh for an annual electricity savings of over 25%. ESPN changed cooling water treatment processes reducing the need to blowdown (which uses more water). This treatment change resulted in a savings of 2,100,000 gallons of water per year.

ESPN, Incorporated
Bristol, CT

Sponsoring a river, beach or neighborhood clean up day and implementing habitat enhancements for fish or wildlife on public or private property

ESPN, Inc. and the Bristol Chamber of Commerce, co-sponsored a Bristol Clean-Up Day, held on Saturday, April 30, 2005. To raise interest, ESPN donated t-shirts to all participants. A group of 15 ESPN employees also cleaned up a 1.5 mile stretch of Pine Street in Bristol. A group of 15 ESPN employees worked at Sessions Woods Wildlife Management Area on Saturday, August 6th planting trees and clearing brush from a blueberry field to improve wildlife habitats. ESPN donated shirts and gardening gloves for use in the effort.

KTI, Inc.
East Windsor, CT

Installing a 100% recycled process or cooling water system

KTI, Inc. installed two new chilled water systems to provide 100% recycling of process cooling water. This replaced existing domestic water use for process cooling, which was discharged to a sanitary sewer. This new system is self-contained, recycling process water, which is cooled through new process refrigerated chillers and reused.

Northeast Lamp Recycling, Inc.
East Windsor, CT

Successfully implementing an innovative and unique recycling program

Northeast Lamp Recycling, Inc. (NLR) is a Connecticut based business with over 10-years experience in solid waste reduction and is currently the only DEP-Permitted lamp recycling facility in the state. NLR's main mission and goal is the correct disposal and recycling of mercury filled light bulbs (as well as ballasts, batteries and mercury devices) and to keep hazardous mercury out of our environment for businesses, schools/universities, government agencies and hospitals. NLR assists these organizations by successfully implementing a universal waste (UW) recycling program that enables the company to comply with EPA and UW rule standards while keeping the environment safe.
New Canaan, CT

Donating significant time or resources to assist with environmental projects sponsored by youth groups, or community or conservation organizations; successfully implementing an innovative and unique recycling program and purchasing an alternative fueled vehicle that generates lower emissions is a computer services company, providing home computer support and repair. The company supports the computer recycling program at Saxe Middle School in New Canaan by: Soliciting computer donations from customers; publicizing the program on its website; cleaning and repairing all donated computers (135 in the past 18 months); distributing refurbished computers to those with need; and recycling unusable computers. The company disassembles the computers, recycles metal at the local transfer station, and funds the recycling/disposal of other materials including power supplies and circuit boards by shipping them to Metech (ISO certified recycler in Rhode Island). The company has contributed over 1000 hours to this project in the past 18 months, and believes it is an innovative way of helping those with need while at the same time helping the environment by reusing computers or properly recycling them. PC uses a Toyota Prius hybrid vehicle.

Pfizer Global Manufacturing
Groton, CT

Implementing manufacturing processes that eliminate or significantly reduce the quantity or toxicity of a facility's waste stream

Pfizer Global Manufacturing, Groton, CT has developed and implemented two new processes to recycle the solvent methylene chloride. In the first process, 47,000 gallons/year of methylene chloride will be recycled. The 2nd process will see a recycling of 73,000 gallons/year. The process changes have allowed the methylene chloride distillates from these processes to be recycled back into the originating process. Approximately 120,000 gallons of methylene chloride will be recycled annually by these process changes. Over 60 truck shipments for new and waste solvents are eliminated as a result of this recycling efforts.

Pfizer Global Research & Development - Groton Laboratory
Groton, CT

Voluntarily converting or retrofitting existing diesel-powered fleet or off-road construction vehicles to significantly reduce air emissions (e.g., retrofit with diesel oxidation catalysts, install diesel particulate filters, convert to ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel, etc.)

In December 2004, the PGRD Groton Site Services Group completed a voluntary pollution prevention project involving the conversion of a Chevrolet Express diesel truck using a two-tank system-regular diesel and used cooking oil from the site's cafeteria. Diesel will only be used in winter months to pre-heat the vegetable oil during the engine warm-up period. Vegetable oil combustion is a sulfur-free, carbon-neutral process, as more CO2 is absorbed by vegetable plants during the growing cycle than is released during combustion. The conversion project was integrated into the site's ISO 14001 program, and spin-off projects involving conversion of additional site vehicles and potential collaboration with the City of Groton are currently being evaluated.

Philson Incorporated
Watertown, CT

Sponsoring a river, beach or neighborhood clean up day

On April 23, 2005 Philson Incorporated sponsored a fourth annual SteeleBrook River Clean-Up in Watertown, CT. Despite the threat of rain, more than 12 employees, friends, neighbors and suppliers showed up for the event. Roughly 20 bags of trash were hauled up from the banks of the SteeleBrook River that morning.

United States Postal Service, Connecticut District
Hartford, CT

Successfully implementing an innovative and unique recycling program

The United States Postal Service has a mixed office paper recycling Program which was initiated in 1998 that includes all of the Post Offices in the state. When the program initiated, the Postal Service recycled approximately 5500 tons of mixed office paper and during the year 2004 the Postal Service recycled 6713 tons of mixed paper. This represents a 22% increase in the volume of paper recycled since the program started. This was accomplished by a backhaul program of all mixed office paper recyclables from smaller offices to the larger facilities. The larger facilities include three (3) large plants at Hartford, Wallingford, and Stamford and fourteen (14) other postal facilities.

West State Mechanical, Inc.
Torrington, CT

Installing a 100% recycled process or cooling water system

West State Mechanical, Inc. installed two new chilled water systems to provide 100% recycling of process cooling water. This system was designed and installed for KTI, Inc., located at 3 Thompson Road, East Windsor, CT. West Side Mechanical Inc., selected the new equipment based on cooling requirements, designed the cooling system and performed the turn key installation.

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