DEEP: ClimateWise - The Connecticut Partnership

Energy Efficiency and Pollution Prevention Actions by Connecticut Manufacturers


  • Install new boilers and cooling systems
  • Optimize boiler running time in line with production vs. non-production
  • Replace boiler house compressor

Did you know?

Boiler load management measures, including optimal matching of boiler size and boiler load, can save as much as 50% of a boilerís fuel use.

Compressed Air

  • Replace existing oversized 1500 CFM compressor with a 500 CFM unit
  • Modernize compressed air system
  • Install 125 HP Atlas Copco compressor with VFD technology to replace 3-150 HP existing compressors
  • Establish a program for semi-annual review of the compressed air delivery system for leaks
  • Replace centrifugal compressors with rotary screw compressors
  • Install pressure regulation on shop compressed air supply with computer based controls to stage compressor operation
  • Reduce compressor air intake temperature to increase compressed air system efficiency
  • Optimize compressed air production

Did you know?

Using cooler air intake for compressors can save almost one-half percent of a facilityís total energy use with a 5 month payback.


  • Install cogeneration system consisting of turbine, electric generator and waste heat recovery boiler
  • Evaluate construction of on-site cogeneration plant to use alternate energy fuel sources.

Did you know?

A typical cogeneration project may reduce primary energy consumption (including fuel inputs at off-site power plants for purchased electricity) for steam and electricity generation by 10% to 15%

Energy Audits and Energy Management

  • Develop energy and conservation plans
  • Define and implement preventative maintenance program for all energy intensive systems
  • Improve existing energy management system, upgrade central computer and repair HVAC controls
  • Install energy management system to control lighting, heating and air conditioning
  • Evaluate shifting electric forklift charging routines to off-peak periods
  • Develop a metrics system for analyzing and tracking energy use and water consumption

Did you know?

28% of all energy used in the US is by manufacturers.

Fuel Switching

  • Convert hot water heaters to gas

Did you know?

Switching from electric heat to natural gas or # 2 fuel oil can reduce heating costs by 78%.


  • Convert HVAC unit to chilled water system
  • Install dry filtration system in paint and blend booths
  • Install variable frequency drives on HVAC equipment and air handler motors to reduce fan rotational speed
  • Replace 400 ton chiller with high efficiency chiller
  • Evaluate replacing air conditioning equipment with high efficiency central chilling plant
  • Continue repairing air handler motors with high efficiency motors

Did you know?

Thermostat setback savings are 4% to 5% per 1 degree F.


  • Replace present lighting (fixtures, lamps, ballastís) with energy efficient lighting; replace T12 fluorescent with T8
  • Reduce square footage of space to reduce needed lighting
  • Install motion sensors, T8 lamps and electronic ballastís in various locations
  • Replace fluorescent shop lighting with high pressure sodium in manufacturing and assembly areas
  • Convert mercury vapor lighting to high pressure sodium lighting
  • Convert exterior incandescent lighting to high pressure sodium lighting
  • Install LED exit signs

Did you know?

Lighting accounts for over 25% of all electricity sold in the US. Electronic ballasts save 12% to 25% more power than magnetic ones; T-8 lamp gives off more light per watt than T-12 lamps; compact fluorescent lasts 10 times longer than incandescent light and is 3 times more effective.

Motor Systems and Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)

  • Install energy efficient motors in non-production areas
  • Incorporate vibration analysis of rotational motor assemblies to preventative maintenance program
  • Assess current preventative maintenance program to include motor/belt alignment
  • Install new premium efficiency motors to replace old motors
  • Install variable speed drives on pumping systems
  • Replace selected air handler motors with high efficiency motors

Did you know?

Installing VFDs in place of constant speed systems can reduce cooling system energy use by 30% to 50%, depending on load profile.

Pollution Prevention

  • Reduce raw material scrap per unit of product by 5%
  • Reduce hazardous waste per unit of production by 5%
  • Develop program for maintenance and calibration of conductivity meters used in rinse tanks
  • Initiate clean-in-vessel rinse water reduction project
  • Reduce hair spray VOC content from 80% to 50%

Process Cooling

  • Reduce coolant by 25% per unit of production
  • Convert 50ton chiller to chilled water
  • Install tower water circulation pump speed controller
  • Replace large chiller on weld shop oven with smaller unit
  • Replace facility central chiller system
  • Install closed loop cooling system
  • Close chiller water loop for more effective use of product cooling energy
  • Replace temporary chillers with higher efficiency central production chillers

Did you know?

"Free cooling" with cooling tower water can reduce a facilityís total energy use by 1%, with simple payback of 14 months; free cooling can reduce cooling systems energy use by as much as 40%.

Process Heating

  • Replace large electric oven with one that meets department needs

Did you know?

Direct electric heating (infrared, microwave, or dielectric) can reduce process-heating energy by up to 80% with typical payback of 1 to 3 years.

Steam System

  • Survey and repair steam traps to reduce energy use

Did you know?

Repairing steam leaks can save 1% of a facilityís total energy use.

An effective steam trap maintenance program can save 3% of your total energy use with a simple payback of 2 months.

Water Usage

  • Install carbon filtration system to recycle rinse water used in non-destructive fluorescent inspection operations
  • Install automatic flushes in rest rooms to reduce unnecessary flushes
  • Spring water in powerhouse use as well water supply
  • Close once-through domestic water cooling loop

Content Last Updated on December 12, 2006