DEEP: 1999 Government GreenCircle Award Recipients

GreenCircle Award Recipients
1999 Government/Institutional Related

Name of Government Or Institutional Entity


Description Of Activity

Town of Newington
Newington, CT
Convert or purchase buses or other fleet vehicles which run on natural gas, electricity, or other environmentally friendly alternative fuels and open large tracts of private property for public recreation The town purchased 5 additional natural gas police vehicles. This purchase adds to the existing town fleet of natural gas vehicles (police cruisers, administrative vehicles and Youth Services van).

The town purchased 53 acres of former farmland for open space. The town is currently deciding how to use the property (active vs. passive recreation).

Town of Ledyard
Ledyard, CT
Improve public access to shore/waterfront/private lands/streams through voluntary projects and adopt a park, community garden, stretch of highway or beach for a year The town developed a canoe ramp/public access interpretive exhibit at Poquetanuck Cove, an estuarine embayment of the Thames River.

The town continued to expand the number of volunteer groups participating in Ledyard's "Adopt a Highway" program.

Connecticut River Estuary Regional Planning Agency
Old Saybrook, CT
Improve public access to shore/waterfront/private lands/streams through voluntary projects The Regional Planning Agency identified a network of water-borne nature trails that follow mapped and charted routes through the creeks, coves and marshes and related habitats in the estuary of the lower CT River. Through the use of brochures and exhibit signs, people are furnished with educational opportunities regarding natural, historic and cultural resources encountered in the estuary of the lower river.
U.S. Forest Service
Center for Forest Health Research

Hamden, CT
Voluntarily contribute significant time or resources to environmental instructional programs, DEP fish and wildlife projects, water quality monitoring programs, or lake, river or watershed associations, and donate significant time or resources to assist with environmental projects sponsored by conservation organizations or youth groups The U.S. Forest Service continues to plan, organize and conduct a forestry program for CT Envirothon. Special scouting activities and conservation education programs are offered by the Forest Service through Green Horizons, local high schools and other groups.
Candlewood Lake Authority
Sherman, CT
Sponsor a river, beach, or neighborhood clean up day Candlewood Lake Authority member Larry Marsicano organized a cleanup of Candlewood Lake. Some 120 volunteers removed over 7 tons of garbage. The Authority hopes to make the cleanup an annual event.
Naval Submarine Base New London
Environmental Department
Groton, CT
Creating or purchasing and retiring air emission reduction credits beyond minimum compliance requirements; documenting and implementing a facility-wide pollution prevention plan; implementing fuel cell technology projects; executing changes which reduce annual energy or water consumption rates by more than 15%; and separating organic materials at schools and other cafeterias for composting or animal feed. Since 1996, SUBASENLON has retired 30 tons of NOx emission reduction credits.

The navel base implemented a base-wide Pollution Prevention Plan in 1996. Since that time, SUBASENLON reduced its disposal of hazardous wastes by 58%. The Plan also includes recycling programs for used oil, oil filters, shop rags, batteries, fluorescent light bulbs, product substitution and process changes that do not generate a hazardous waste stream.

A 200-kilowatt phosphoric acid fuel cell was installed at the base power plant.

The galley collects over 400 pounds of pre- and post-consumer organic food waste per week. This waste is provided to a local hog farmer for animal feed. The net result is more than 20,800 pounds of organic food being recycled thus diverting it from the facility’s solid waste stream.

CT Army National Guard
Hartford, CT
Documenting and implementing a facility-wide pollution prevention plan and implementing a facility-wide integrated pest management program A statewide Pollution Prevention plan was adopted for the Connecticut National Guard. The Plan provides background information, a definition of pollution prevention and identifies regulatory and policy requirements. The Plan also details program implementation efforts, commitments, goals and opportunities. A baseline inventory, annual reporting requirements and Plan updates are also detailed in the document
Chris Duby, Mayor's Office
City of Bridgeport

Bridgeport, CT
Implementing a facility-wide integrated pest management program Mr. Duby was responsible for implementing an integrated pest management program in the municipal school system. More than forty (40) municipal schools will participate in the program.

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