DEEP: Permits and Licenses
Permits and Licenses
Factsheets Waste and Materials Management
 Aerial Pesticide Application Fact Sheet
 Aquatic Pesticide Application Fact Sheet
 CGS Section 22a-454 Waste Facility Fact Sheet
 General Permit for a Municpal Transfer Station
  This General Permit authorizes the operations of municipal transfer stations for solid waste, including recyclables.
 General Permit for Contaminated Soil and/or Sediment Management (Staging and Transfer)
  This general permit authorizes the staging, transfer, and temporary storage of contaminated soil and/or sediment and is intended to address the management of these materials when they are generated during projects that are less than 2 years in duration and involve the excavation of earthen material.
 General Permit for Disassembling Used Electronics
  This general permit authorizes the disassembly of used electronics such as computers and televisions.This general permit only applies to companies that engage in the disassembly of used electronics and accumulate more than 5000 kilograms of universal waste onsite at any one time.
 General Permit for Storage and Processing of Asphalt Roofing Shingle Waste (ARSW) for Beneficial Use and Recycling
 General Permit for the Collection and Storage of Post-Consumer Paint
  The General Permit authorizes the collection and storage of post-consumer paint at retail locations in accordance with the requirements of the Paint Stewardship Program, including the approved Paint Stewardship Program Plan (PSPP).
 General Permit for the Storage and Processing of Scrap Tires for Beneficial Use
 General Permit to Construct and Operate Certain Recycling Facilities
  This general permit authorizes the construction and operation of five types of recycling facilities. Except for a satellite drop-site facility, all facilities must be registered with the department and issued an Approval of Registration before the facility is authorized to operate under the general permit. See table on page 5 for summary.
 Hazardous Waste Treatment, Storage and Disposal Fact Sheet
 Marine Terminal License Fact Sheet
 Solid Waste Facility Fact Sheet
 Special Waste or Asbestos Disposal Authorization Fact Sheet
 Stewardship Permits Fact Sheet
 Underground Storage Tank Program Fact Sheet
 Waste Transportation Fact Sheet