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 Connecticut Pollution Prevention Programs
  Description: The CT DEP Office of Pollution Prevention manages a variety of programs in support of the statewide pollution prevention plan.
 Information Resources for Contractors in the Construction Trades
  Listed below are a number of links to DEP web pages with helpful information for firms and individuals engaged in the construction trades.
 Integrated Pest Management - What is it?
 Microfiber Pollution
  In 2018, CT passed AN ACT CONCERNING CLOTHING FIBER POLLUTION. CT DEEP along with a working group will be addressing public education on this issue.
 Opportunities For Greening Your Business
  Sustainability opportunities for business and industry
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 Pollution Prevention Home Page
  Description: Pollution Prevention means eliminating or reducing the amount and toxicity of potentially harmful substances at their sources, prior to generation, treatment, off-site recycling or disposal. It emphasizes preventing or minimizing pollution, rather than controlling it once it is generated.
 Smart Energy Game
 What is Pollution Prevention (P2)?