Mercury General
 Compact Fluorescent lamps
  Installing compact flourescent lamps (CFLs) is a simple way for homeowners to reduce their energy bills while also doing something beneficial for the environment.
 Guidance for Managing Broken Mercury Fever Thermometers
 Household Products Containing Mercury
 Information for the Auto Industry
 Matrix of Information for the Mercury Education and Reduction Act
 Mercury Definitions
 Mercury Information
 Mercury Information for Hospitals, Healthcare Facilities and Healthcare Providers
 Mercury Information for Individuals/Families/Consumers
 Mercury Information for Schools/Colleges/University
 Mercury Report
 Mercury Thermostat Management
  CT has a law reqiring manufacturers to take-back mercury thermostats.
 Sale of Antiques that Contain Mercury
  Antique mercury-added products, such as barometers, may be exempt from the sales prohibition and labeling requirements, if manufactured prior to January 1, 2004.
 Voluntary Vehicle Mercury Switch Recovery Program
  The Department of Environmental Protection encourages recycling/dismantling businesses to participate in a new national voluntary program to remove and recycle mercury switches from vehicles, before they are crushed and shredded for recycling.