Antifreeze Management for Individuals
  Antifreeze is used as an engine coolant in cars, trucks, boats and buses, it is important to manage this material properly so that it does not cause harm to the environment. Targeted to individuals, not businesses.
 Degreaser Management for Individuals
  Degreasers are chemicals that are used to clean metal by washing dirt, grease and oil from auto engine parts.This page targeted to the home handy person, not a business.
 Disposing of Prescription Medicines and Over-the-Counter (OTC) Products
  Guidelines for the proper disposal of prescription medicines, over the counter drugs and other medical supplies
 Eating For Health and the Environment
  This pages describes the problem with conventional farming and offers ways to eat more sustainably.
 Environmental Alternatives for the Bathroom
 Environmental Alternatives for the Bedroom
 Environmental Alternatives for the Garden
 Environmental Alternatives for the Kitchen
 Environmental Alternatives for the Laundry Room
 Environmental Alternatives for the Living Room
 Green Home Quiz
 Healthy Home
 Household Alternatives for Reducing Toxic Products in Your Home
 It's Greening Cats and Dogs
  This page describes the how unhealthy air, water, food and toxic chemicals affect pets as well as the impact they have on the environment.
 Kids, Teens and the Environment
  Describes the impact kids and teens have on the environment; how unhealthy air, water and toxic chemicals affect kids and teens and some solutions.
 Organic Lawn Care For Consumers
  This page explains how homeowners can use organic land care practices to maintain their lawns.
 P2 for Individuals and Families
 Practice P2 at Home
  Describes the ways an individual can have less impact on the enviroment by greening their home through sustable practices and changes in their behavior.
 Reducing Your Environmental Footprint