DEEP: Adjudications
 Adjudications - License/Certificate Revocation/Suspension - Proposed and Final Decisions
 Adjudications - Order Cases - Proposed and Final Decisions
 Adjudications - Permit Cases - Proposed and Final Decisions
 Adjudications - Proposed and Final Decisions
 Subject Key for Proposed and Final Decisions
  Subject key for proposed and final decisions issued by the Connecticut DEP Office of Adjudications.
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 Adjudications Communcations Policy
  Office of Adjudications - Docket.
 E-Mail Filing and Service of Documents
  Section §22a-3a-6(b)(9) of the DEP Rules of Practice prohibits electronic filing or service of documents without the consent of the Hearing Officer, the parties and intervenors. This Policy is intended to provide for a waiver of these prohibitions and to establish rules for more efficient use of the electronic resources available to the department and other participants in adjudicatory proceedings.
 FOIA/File Review - Office of Adjudications
  To the extent that the files of the Office of Adjudications may be considered public files subject to disclosure under the Connecticut Freedom of Information Act, General Statutes §1 -200, et seq., the following procedures shall apply.
 Forms and Samples
  Forms used by the Office of Adjudications.
 Guidelines for Declaratory Rulings
  A Declaratory Ruling is a decision of the DEP Commissioner regarding the validity of a regulation or the applicability of a provision of a statute, a regulation, or a final decision to specific circumstances on a matter within DEP jurisdiction.
 Guidelines for Discovery
  Discovery is a tool that is used by parties to gather relevant information about a case prior to the hearing. In DEEP hearings, the discovery process is limited to requesting and reviewing documents
 Guidelines for Public Comments
  Guidelines for effective public comments at hearings.
 Intervening in the Hearing Process
  An individual, group of individuals, or an organization with an interest in the outcome of a hearing may participate in that hearing as an intervening party or as an intervenor.
 Mediation Fact Sheet
  Mediation is an informal, cooperative, problem-solving process. Its goal is to assist participants in moving forward in pending permit or compliance matters.
 Mediation Services
  In addition to its role as the department’s adjudicatory body, the Adjudications office is also prepared to offer mediation services or otherwise facilitate settlement discussions in a confidential setting at any time during the hearing process.
 Office of Adjudications
 Policies, Procedures and Guidelines
  Policies, procedures and guidelines for the CT DEP Office of Adjudications.
 Public Participation in Hearings
  Information on public participation in hearings including requesting a hearing, guidelines for public comments and intervening.
 Requesting a Hearing
  How to request a hearing on permit applications and/or order enforcement cases.
 Rules of Practice
 Standing Order on Discovery
  Discovery is governed by the DEP Rules of Practice. Regs., Conn. State Agencies §§22a-3a-6(n)(1) through (9). Any party seeking discovery must comply with the requirements of this section.
 The Hearing Process
  Hearings are held to hear evidence and public comment concerning an application for a permit to conduct an activity with potential environmental impacts; to permit a respondent to contest an enforcement order issued by the Commissioner; and to provide an opportunity for a licensee to challenge a decision to suspend or revoke a license.