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Consumer Action Handbook
from the Federal Citizens Information Center -- a comprehensive guide on
taking action and being a smarter consumer
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Contracts / Contratos
Credit Reports
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Food Safety and Licensing
Foodborne Illness
Funeral / Funerarios



Health Clubs
Heating Fuel Contracts / Contratos de combustible para calefacción
Home Improvement / Mejoras del hogar
Identity Theft / Del robo de identidad
Irrigation Systems
Lemon Law
Liquor Control
Mobile Manufactured Homes
New Home Construction / La construcción de viviendas nuevas
Prescription and Over-The-Counter (OTC) Medication / Medicamentos
For Consumers
For Professionals
Price Scanning / El escaneo de precios
Product Safety
Real Estate
Rent-to-Own / El alquiler con opcion de compra

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