CTF: Programs and Services

Programs and Services

The Nurturing Families Network
The program provides screening and assessment, group support and intensive home visiting for new parents who are at high risk for child abuse and neglect. The program focuses on nurturing parenting, child development, and health and community resources. The Nurturing Families Network serves approximately 2,000 families in intensive home visiting and 600 families in Nurturing parenting groups. The program screens 7,200 and provided supportive services to 1,700.
Help Me Grow
Program ensures that children and their families have access to a system of early identification, prevention and intervention services.  It links child health providers, parents and service providers with existing community resources through a toll-free telephone number (1-800-505-7000). Help Me Grow connected 2,800 children and families to community based services. It also provided the Ages and Stages Child Monitoring program to 3,000 families.
The Kinship and Respite Fund
This probate court-administered program awards small grants to aid children living with relatives who are court-appointed guardians.  The grants provide for a range of activities including tutoring, camp, extra-curricular experiences and program fees, and respite for grandparents. The Kinship and Respite Funds provided grants to 1266 children and 822 adults.
Family School Connection
The program provides intensive home visiting services to families whose children are frequently truant or tardy or otherwise at risk of school failure. These children are often not getting their needs met at home and are at greater risk for child abuse and neglect, developmental, behavioral and health issues. The program is offered in grades K-12 at five elementary schools. Family School Connection provided intensive home visiting services to 170 families.
Family Empowerment Initiatives
Family Empowerment Initiatives include seven nationally recognized prevention programs that assist high-risk groups of parents and others involved in the lives of children. Family Empowerment Initiatives provided home and group based services to roughly 700 parents.
Legal Services on Behalf of Indigent Children
The program provides experienced lawyers for indigent children. The lawyers give them a voice and represent them in family court.  The program also provides information on legal matters involving children and advocates for legislative policies that advance the well-being and best interest of children. The program provided services to 240 adults and 375 children.

Preventing Shaken Baby Syndrome
Provides workshops to parents and students across the state and Assists hospitals and other to embed a program within their organization. Trains community providers to offer the program to the families they serve. 1,500 parents and students participated in programs to prevent shaken baby syndrome through their schools, hospitals, prisons and community groups.
Family Development training and Credentialing program
Training human services staff to better engage and support families in prevention efforts. Course are offered for front-line and management staff. Six college course credits and a credential are available for participants that successfully complete the course for frontline staff. 70 students received credentials through the FDC program.
Randomized control trial to study and treat maternal depression
This program is studying in-home cognitive behavioral therapy as a method to treat maternal depression among mothers participating in the Nurturing families Network. The effort is the first to replicate the in-home therapy program shown to effectively treat depressed mothers receiving home visits in Ohio.

Nurturing families Network home visiting program for new fathers and men
The program provides comprehensive home services to fathers and men who are significant in the life of a child participating in the Nurturing families Network program.
Data Management and Program Evaluation
The University of Hartford Center for Social Research maintains several data bases and conducts evaluation and research for each of the Trust Fundís major state and federally funded programs.
The Stranger You Know...
The Children's Trust Fund sponsors A Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Program, The Stranger You Know....These are free trainings offered statewide to agency personnel and parents/caretakers. The trainings teach: What can parents do to protect their children from sexual offenders? Warning signs or "red flags" of adult sexual misbehavior. What can parents say to their children to prevent the unthinkable? If you are interested in hosting this free presentation to your agency personnel, parent groups (PTA/PTO) or any group for the purposes of education about child sexual abuse, please contact Christine Cocchiola at: 860.982.5470, cmmchiolamsw@bcglobal.net.

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