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  NEW--Open to the Public--ESA Annual Meeting, Wednesday, April 11, 2018, 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m., Jones Auditorium, Britton Building 123 Huntington Street, New Haven, CT 06511
 Experiment Station Associates, Field Trips
  NEW...CANCELLED...The Experiment Station Associates presents the The Spring 2014 Agricultural Tour Wednesday, June 4, 2014, 8:30am-5:00pm...CANCELLED...
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 Experiment Station Associates
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 Programs and Services

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Staff Biographies
 Sandra L. Anagnostakis
 John F. Anderson
 Theodore G. Andreadis
 Donald E. Aylor
 Gregory J. Bugbee
 Richard S. Cowles
 Douglas W. Dingman
 Sharon M. Douglas
 Bonnie L. Hamid
 David E. Hill
 Walter J. Krol
 James A. LaMondia
 Michael P. Last
 Louis A. Magnarelli
  It is with great sadness that we mark the passing of Dr. Louis A. Magnarelli, Director of The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, Thursday morning, July 11, 2013, at home after a courageous battle with illness. Louís career at the Station began nearly 4-decades ago and he was the Director of this institution for the last 9 years. Dr. Magnarelli was known internationally for his work on ticks, tick-associated diseases, serological testing for vector-borne pathogens, and many other scientific accomplishments, far too numerous to catalog here. His contributions to Connecticut and science were extensive and appreciated.
 Chris T. Maier
 MaryJane Incorvia Mattina
 Abigail A. Maynard
 Neil A. McHale
 Todd L. Mervosh
 Richard B. Peterson
 Joseph J. Pignatello
 Thomas M. Rathier
 Claire E. Rutledge
 Neil P. Schultes
 Victoria L. Smith
 Staff Biography Listing
 Kirby C. Stafford III
 Kimberly A. Stoner
 Charles R. Vossbrinck
 Paul E. Waggoner
 Jeffrey S. Ward
 Kenneth A. Welch
 Jason C. White
 Scott C. Williams
 Israel Zelitch
 Brian D. Eitzer
 Wade H. Elmer
 Francis J. Ferrandino
 Martin P.N. Gent
 Philip M. Armstrong
 Robert E. Marra
 DeWei Li
 Botond Balogh
 Hugh A. Smith
 Gale E. Ridge
 Goudarz Molaei
 Yonghao Li
 Joseph P. Barsky
 William R. Nail
 Christina S. Robb
 Carole A. Cheah
 Michael R. Short
 John J. Shepard
 Feng (Frank) Xiao
 Laura Estep Hayes
 Blaire T. Steven
 Lindsay R. Triplett
 Adriana L. Arango-Velez
 Quan Zeng
 Douglas (Doug) E. Brackney
 Tracy Zarrillo
 Jatinder S. Aulakh
 Andrea Gloria-Soria
 Megan A. Linske

Staff Retired
 David E. Stilwell
 Timothy M. Abbey
 Charles R. Frink
 Evelyn A. Havir
 Carol R. Lemmon
 Mark S. McClure
 Edward R. Naughton
 Uma Ramakrishnan
 Brij L. Sawhney
 Ronald M. Weseloh

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